Taking A Breath

Everything has its season. Athletes have their ‘on’ and ‘off’ seasons, actors have their award season, and the rest of us have the four major seasons that dictate our calendars. However, you may have never realized that in order for those calendars to exist, there must also be a calendar season

Legacy's Pocket Calendar

Here at Legacy, calendar season ranges from the beginning of December to the end of April (though if you tell this to any of the Legacy designers, we’d probably laugh and argue that we never actually stop thinking about calendars). Throughout those months, each one of our calendars is designed, proofed, color checked, edited, and prepared for printing. And as you may have guessed, with 84 titles to be created (just in wall calendars) and only five Legacy designers…this can be a bit of a hectic time. 

Legacy's Magnetic Calendar Pad

The truth is, we know that designing and producing a calendar is a great responsibility. People rely on calendars every day of the year. A calendar is our most reliable friend that would never let us forget to buy a card for mom or that our anniversary is next week. Its very presence fills us with comfort and provides much needed stability. Therefore, at Legacy, we know that it deserves our upmost care and attention. 

Legacy's Mini Wall Calendar and Wall Calendar

Every calendar is processed through a series of steps that truthfully could make your head spin. We check every date and holiday meticulously, and by April, we tend to feel exhausted and a bit number crazed. However, we are also left with the exhilaration of having created something of substance. We know that these products will live with our customers all year long and we are proud to have handled them with care. With a deep breath and smile, calendars can rest for another year and thankfully, so can the calendar designers. That is…until card season.