Getting Battle Ready

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Now, I’m aware that Edward Pola and George Wyle weren’t exactly imagining spring flowers when they wrote this lyric back in 1963, but they never attended the Surtex Trade Show in May. 

We all have areas in our lives that tend to lean towards the ‘nerd’ end of the cool-o-meter. They are the beloved obsessions that interest us to no end and the topics with which we bore our friends. Surtex (we’re proud to say) is one of those areas for us at Legacy. 

Javits Center, NYC (home of Surtex)

Javits Center, NYC (home of Surtex)

The literal definition of Surtex is a trade show for sourcing and licensing original artwork; however, a more accurate description might be, ‘a wondrous spectacle of creativity.’ It is undoubtedly the best show in town (which for New York is saying something) and we’re not the only die-hard nerds in line. Surtex attracts buyers and wholesalers from around the world, all chomping at the bit for the opportunity to snag the best pieces. It’s the most anticipated race of the year and only the fiercest competitors will walk away victors. But…we’re not worried. In ten days time, the Legacy girls will don their battle armor and enter the arena ready to fight! I personally just can’t wait to see the spoils.

Blogger’s note: Legacy does not encourage any actual fighting…just the use of well-crafted metaphors.