Our Pot of Gold

March has a fickle reputation in New England. Whether it’s raining or snowing (after three long months of winter), New Englanders are generally desperate for greener pastures and sunnier days. So on yet another rainy day in Massachusetts, this New Englander chooses to focus on the light at the end of the rainstorm…the rainbow.

Discovering Lisa Audit’s ‘Rainbow Seeds’ artwork at last year’s Surtex Licensing Tradeshow was like finding our own personal pot of gold. For those of you who don’t know, the Surtex show is a marketplace for original art and design and just so happens to be the highlight of this designer’s year. 

Imagine this: You are tasked with the immense responsibility of finding new artwork for Legacy’s 2016 product/greeting card line. While this appears to be one of the best jobs a designer can have, there is one catch…you can only choose a select few. Now imagine that from the minute you walk through the door, you are surrounded by an overwhelming amount of breathtaking pieces of art.  Do you see the challenge?

As you walk down the seemingly never ending hallways, you find yourself feeling like Goldilocks; tasting porridge after porridge in the attempt to find that one that is just right. It almost seems hopeless when suddenly you turn the corner and everything changes. For standing in front of you is a collection of artwork that ignites such a visceral feeling of desire that all you can say is, “…I need that.”

This ladies and gentlemen is how we found the ‘Rainbow Seeds’ collection. 

Sneak peak of Lisa Audit's 2017 Calendar

In a sea of artwork, Lisa’s collection was a breath of fresh air that simply couldn’t be ignored. Her bright watercolors create such a sense of airiness and uplifting joy that in an instant we knew that our customers would love her as much as we do.  So if you too are searching for certainty in fickle times, let us suggest the ‘Rainbow Seeds’ collection, for we promise…it will never disappoint.