Something To Brag About

Now in the past, we at Legacy have never really been one to brag. To continue with my well-crafted metaphor, our flower has bloomed by sticking to our roots (one of which being modesty). That being said…doesn’t every flower deserve its day in the sun?

The topper of our Atlanta Showroom card cake in celebration of BACFAC

This past December, Legacy received very big news. After only two years, our Buy a Card, Feed a Child program hit a milestone so unexpected that one of our owners may have stood on a table and danced with excitement (but you didn’t hear that from me). By now, my hope is that most of our customers have heard about our Buy a Card, Feed a Child program, but for those of you who are new to Legacy, let me provide a small recap.

Back in January of 2013, the six pillars of Legacy attended their weekly executive meeting. After 20 years in business, these meetings had become a forum to discuss any upcoming orders, products, events etc.; however, at this particular meeting, two of the pillars had one really great idea…

Mr. and Mrs. Dunn with the six pillars of Legacy

By donating a portion of the proceeds gained by our full-color greeting cards to a hunger relief charity, Legacy had the opportunity to provide one meal to a hungry child with every purchase. Now as a family-owned business, Legacy has always felt that it is our obligation to help make the world a better place; not just for our family, but for families everywhere. So when it came time to decide whether or not to launch this new program, there was really no hesitation.

It’s been two years since the day we’ve announced Buy a Card, Feed a Child and in December, we were informed that we have donated the equivalent of 1,116, 048 meals to hungry children worldwide. At the risk of pushing my luck, let me repeat that one more time…we have served over one MILLION meals! Thanks to the generosity of our customers, we have been able to truly help in the eradication of hunger in the United States (as well as many other countries), and if you ask me, that’s something worth bragging about.