Our First Leaf

There’s nothing quite as exciting as when a seed begins to sprout. From the moment it peeks above the earth, it becomes a symbol on behalf of every person that has tirelessly devoted themselves to its well-being. Here at Legacy, we believe that we’ve just seen our first leaf.

Now Legacy has been around for quite some time. Many of our customers have watched as the ‘family that cares’ has grown and changed over the years. The once small adorable faces that graced our catalog have blossomed into fully-grown adults. While some have ventured off and become engineers or teachers, others have planted their roots in very familiar soil. But with the new generation, comes a new Legacy. It’s important to note however, that Legacy has always, and will always, be deeply rooted in the ideals of our parents. And while some things may change, others never will. After all, as the old adage says, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” or in our case…the flower.

The founding sisters of Legacy, 1970

'The Family That Cares', 1993

Note: This author’s parents deemed it quite important to mention that Legacy hasn’t gotten rid of the old dogs just yet, just brought in some new pups.