Planners Are Here! (P.S We're Back)

Have you missed us? We know, we knowit's been awhile and for that we are sorry. We missed you too. But, we promise this was worth the wait. Introducing Legacy's brand new line of planners! We've been in heavy production mode over here cranking out exciting new products that we can't wait to share! 

Our designers has been BUSY. Summer is one of the most hectic times for our trusty team as they tackle every challenge thrown at them. With all the new art coming in, products to design, and catalogs to lay out it's safe to say that we've had our hands full.

Today we take a break to pat ourselves on the back for a job well done. Over the past year and a half, we've been working on making a planner that is both lovely and functional. Our goal was to make planning your days a treat, rather than a chore, and we think we may have succeeded! If you ask us, these are some beautiful, practical, life changing planners...okay, we might be biased, but we are seriously proud of these! We are firm believers that when you've worked this hard on something and the outcome is this fantastic , you're allowed to brag a little (while still remaining humble of course). So, we'll go ahead and just say it: These are the best planners ever. 

So here's our advice: Summer is almost over and it's time to get our lives back together. I've learned from my mother that when life gets overwhelming, the best thing to do is just write everything down. It may seem silly, but in an increasingly electronic world, having a tangible object with your days outlined can make everything seem just a bit more manageable.

So go on! Head on over to our website to check out the available designs. And if you order before tomorrow (August 24th), you'll receive 20% Off with the promo code PLAN_IT! Check 'em out.