Meet the Team: Carlos LLansó

Position: CEO

How long have you worked at Legacy: since 1993

Do you have a favorite Legacy memory or tradition: Memory: First trade show — Valley Forge, June 1993. Cathy and I set up our 10 x 10 booth and hung up the 48 SKUs ... 4 products, 12 designs. Tradition: We all get our birthday off  no one should have to work on their birthday. Cathy got the idea from her days working the jewelry counter at Walmart when she was in college.

Favorite City: Chicopee, MA — Just kidding. Barcelona!

What’s your life motto: Work hard, be humble and kind.

I wish I knew how to: Whistle like my wife.

What’s your favorite part about your job: Trade shows — but only because that’s when I get to visit with customers.

Fun fact: At age 5, I knew all the capitals of every country. One of my earliest memories is sitting on my dad’s lap with the living room full of my parent’s friends yelling out countries. I’d respond with the capital and my dad would win a bet.