Meet the Team: Hope Cotton

Position: Art Acquisition Manager

How long have you worked at Legacy: 5 ¾ years

Do you have a favorite Legacy memory or tradition: Fluffernutter Day was fun because who doesn’t love a fluffernutter?

Favorite City: I’ve not been to many, but I guess I’d say Chicago….I hope two of my children aren’t mad at that answer.

What’s your life motto: Smile a lot and let the stressful stuff just roll off your back…makes for a lot less gray hairs.

I wish I knew how to: sail a boat

What’s your favorite part about your job: Working with family and hanging out with the designers, who keep me young. Also, getting to see the beautiful art that comes in before anyone else in the design dept.

Fun fact: I can whistle complete songs that people can actually recognize…even the Star Spangled Banner.

Shanleigh HeelanComment